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熊在飛,二十八歲。十九歲那年Come Out至今,一直未遇過一頭,能順利升Level至Lover關係的熊人,直至一次上三溫暖時,遇上因三年前痛失最愛,而害怕再付出情感的助教熊。 


記錄了小浣熊自03年放棄了跟章子怡、陳奕迅、梅艷芳、金城武、John Travolta等等巨星們每週相聚,交集談心事的雜誌人物訪問糊口優差;飛往東京寒窗修煉日語;後進日資企業不停出差應酬生涯,兼當日本導遊,教英法美意等國籍學生廣東話之導師;再逃回媒體做一陣子潮流雜誌編輯,後跑到悉尼新南威爾斯大學Hea取語言學碩士;回港枉為人師一年於中學教英語;再擠進陳可辛電影工作室混飯吃;然後誤進猶太人老闆的海外退稅MNC裡偷學做生意,至開始自資創業前的十年間,所收藏下來的海量人生體驗人性體會,及交上了地球村各地千奇百趣友共(一夜)情的一大段獨家珍藏回憶。

Interview: Racoon Hut on Flying Bear, the first book on Hong Kong bear culture

For better or for worse, labels often lead to stereotypes. But a label can only ever go so far – it tells us little, if anything, about a lived experience. For Hong Kong writer Racoon Hut, the story of Asian bear culture is one that needs to be told. He does just that in his newly released book, Flying Bear, the first to be published in Hong Kong about one of the largest gay subcultures. We talk to him about the stories behind the stereotype...


Hi Racoon! Tell us about Flying Bear...
There are three parts. The first is fiction, where a young bear falls in love with a GV [gay pornographic] actor in Japan. The second part is poetry. And the third part is a diary I kept between 2003 and 2012, when I studied in Japan and Australia for my master’s degree. So this book is from the perspective of a Hong Kong bear but it also touches on different bear societies in Asia.

Is the book just for bears, then?
I don’t want it to just be for bears. Some [non-bear] people also like fat people. I want people to know that not everyone in the world is trying to keep fit – some try their best to keep fat. Fit is not the only beauty in the world. Making Hong Kong people think about this is one of the missions of my book.

Is bear culture the same in the East as it is in the West?
It’s quite different. In the West, even if you’re not very heavy but you are very hairy, you’re still called a bear. Bears in the West are also linked with leather but in the East, we don’t have these conceptions. There aren’t many Asians who are hairy. We define a bear as someone who is heavier or chubbier – they can be muscular but keep some fat to be stocky, but some are pure chub and very soft.

What’s Hong Kong bear culture like today?
It’s better than before but it’s still not harmonic. Even 10 years ago, some people said that fat people shouldn’t be allowed to go to [now closed gay club] Propaganda. Gay people are already discriminated against in mainstream culture. So why, if we’re all gay men, do we still have to discriminate? It doesn’t make sense. Today in Hong Kong, it’s a lot better – we have our own bars, even our own saunas. But still, most developed countries nowadays are gay friendly, but not too fat friendly.

What needs to happen for this to change?
I think more people need to speak their mind – just me is not enough. Nowadays, no individual can really represent any group of people. People tend to think that coming out is for gay people in a straight world but many straight men also need to come out. A handsome guy won’t tell anyone that he likes a chubby lady. This is not showing your true colours. If everyone could express what they felt out loud, people wouldn’t need to care about what others think.

What does it mean to be a bear?
Being a bear is not just about body size. It’s a kind of spirit or belief or faith. For example, I am heavier and I like chubby people. I also know how to make myself look better in a ‘bear’ way. But fat people who like skinny people will dress in black to make themselves look skinnier. I don’t think these guys have the bear spirit. Even if you’re fat, you should love yourself – we think we are fat and that we are still perfect. 

Finally, we have to ask – how did you come up with your Racoon alias?
Too many people in Hong Kong had already made up names with bears. So I used a name that looks like a bear but isn’t exactly a bear. And raccoons are very cute. There are no raccoons in Hong Kong, so it was more exotic.


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