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Posted January 16


Posted by genevaguy

I had done a few reports on TMC in the past.  I'm a frequent ang moh visitor, older guy.  I have been to TMC probably 15 times in the last 3-4 years.  I always found the staff pleasant, the $12 SGD entry fee is reasonable as you can stay there as long as you want. The "new" site has pluses and minuses as all places do.  the smaller, upper maze is not my thing and I wish there were more "dark" spaces that were larger (old TMC had a room off the TV room that was great for group fun and another spot in the maze like that)...but that is the way things are. Sauna is fine.


Main complaint is the guys that go to sleep in private rooms and basically make the rooms unusable. My suggestion to improve the fun is to 1. don't allow guys to wear any towels, etc all the time and 2. make movie room totally dark to stimulate fun.


Overall, I have no big complaints about TMC, I have found it clean and fun.  Never failed to hook up during a visit.


Posted January 31

Posted by Asiatrip61

Ten Men is a good place


Posted February 12

Posted by justanotherguy

was there today.. first time at a sauna... steam room experience for the first time was awesome.. i mean the steam.. nothing else.. sitting down was a little boring so went to the end where it was warmest to stand there to enjoy sweating away. I didn't realise the action could be that intense.. 2 guys.. were groping me crazy and 1 was JO-ing me off. and grinding his cock between my ass cheeks...

Went up to the maze.. and just relaxed in the room.. to cool off. I love the steam room so much i had to come back for a 2nd round.. and this time. 1 guy came to JO me.. wanted me to BJ but I had to say no.. Sorry! if you are here, im not into the heavy duty stuff..  and next had 3 other guys came check me out and an caucasian was probably having a time BJ-ing a few guys.. and took my cock in as well.

As I begin to make my way off. the crowd was building up.. in the mazes.. another guy approached me at the changing room asking if i was going. he seemed a little disappointed though. 

Checked out the other amenities and the place was well equipped. give the place a 4 stars!


Posted February 14

Posted by Sagui_32

I went there yesterday around 4pm..first time to enter a sauna and there are many people inside..their movie room is crowded like no space to sit on..i was alone so kinda shy a bit..when i entered the movie room i feel like their eyes on me, since crowded i come out right not sure if shower room and steam room the i was exploring the place thd steam room i went to is the shower area / steam room in the 2nd level after u had entered the sauna. Maze, movie room, roofdeck, shower not sure if there is another steam room.

i feel like the place is well maintained..

oh well, i was there to just look around first, but there is this guy keep following me, though at first i reject him eventually permitted him to BJ and HJ me..He dont know that he is the first to BJ me.. 

Nipple playing tickles me alot..but it was good..the whole experience was just, if they called it heaven then be it..i have told him no bareback..I cumm twice though..yes we had kissed, but i felt like i dont know how to kiss..physically, he is not my type but he's been nice, gentle and cooperative so it was fine. Few times i squeezed and hold tightly in his arms during BJ-ing sessions especially 2nd cumm..

 I should have stayed longer if only i dont have a friend waiting for me. 


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